Objectives of The Conference

Overall Objective

To provide a platform for stakeholders led by governments in Africa to dialogue on the role of donkeys in modern Africa to deepen understanding and commitment towards the protection of donkeys and donkey dependent livelihoods in view of the real threat emerging from the donkey skin trade and to promote the visibility of donkeys in development through policy and in practice.

Specific Objectives

  1. To provide a platform for informed policy dialogue among stakeholders on policy options to safeguard the donkey species from the threats of the donkey skin trade.
  2. To exchange knowledge and best practices to enhance the welfare of donkeys.
  3. To Illustrate progress towards mainstreaming donkeys in development and global agendas especially as relates to youths, women and vulnerable groups.
  4. To develop a critical mass of sensitized animal welfare stakeholders in Africa to champion and support the donkey welfare agenda in the continent.
  5. To consolidate a common policy position on the donkey skin trade amongst the AU Member states.